Ujjwal "Ryzokuken" Sharma

Half Boy, Half Javascript Framework

Google Summer of Code 2017 @publiclab

New Delhi, Delhi, India


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.
~ Abraham Lincoln

TODO: Update this. (Yes, I know I'm lazy)

Hello, Guten Tag and Здравствуйте. I am Ujjwal Sharma, an Indian teenage University student. I love tinkering with things, and I definitely love to make (and as of recently, break into) stuff. Also, I am colorblind.

It would be really stupid of me if I mentioned that I am an enthusiast of free speech and universal human rights (who isn't?). I am a supporter of Open Source Software and of the Open Access Movement. I belive that Information, Knowledge and Education are the most important stations for human civilization, and not only should they be open to all people alike, but they should be also open to recantation and improvement.

I have been studying computers and programming since forever (it seems) but I really came into the scene during high-school, when I started learning Game Programming in C# and UnityScript (Unity's Ancient Javascript) for fun. That was when I realized that I am really creative it was really wonderful and fun making stuff with computers and programming.

At the moment, I do Web Design, Web Development using Ruby on Rails, Python Scripting and anything else that seems fun. Also, for those curious on why I discontinued Game Development: Lack of Art. Seriously. There's only so little a coder can do developing games without 3D designers to maintain him a fresh supply of needed art, and I was always really bad at Photoshop.